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Choose Happy

Taking a fresh look at what we believe, can open up a world of possibilities.  Ultimately, happiness boils down to small course corrections made daily.  They will help us to become happier people.  We may know intellectually the steps to happiness, but knowledge without application is really just education. We can learn all the things that contribute to true, lasting happiness, like gratitude, forgiveness, love, and being of service, but if we don’t apply them in our life on a daily basis, not much will change.


Connect with others and get support on your journey to Choosing Happy by joining our Choose Happy group.

Gain full access to our library and learn how small consistent changes can make a huge impact in your life.  

Monthly live zoom session where we will focus on what you bring to the table and collectively collaborate to find solutions that work for you.

Join our active Private Facebook group and build and grow relationships with others who are empowering, fun and inspiring.

Special live online guest appearances from experts.  

 Book a Discovery Call at 503-270-0940 to see if our Choose Happy Group is for you.

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Choose Happy
Choose Healthy
Choose You


Rapid Transformational therapy and Dietless Life Coaching

Meet Amelia
Fruits and Vegetables

You deserve a new approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle and  your ideal body.


The only way to have the body you love is to love the body you have. The first step is to treat your body with respect and care.  Break free from the dieting cycle.  Choose health.

Get off the dieting cycle once and for all.

Join our Choose Healthy Group and have access to our library, join our private Facebook group and connect with others.  

Create new lasting healthy habits that work for you and your lifestyle. 

Call 503-270-0940 to book a Discovery Call


The techniques within Dietless Life come from a place of self respect and NOT abuse. This is how you generate lasting change.  We will form new beliefs and habits that will keep you on the path towards health and vitality.

Choose Healthy

Summer Fun

Choose You

Are you ready to dive deep and discover all the parts of you that are just waiting you?

Join me for a VIP Day in beautiful Manzanita on the Oregon coast.  This will be designed specifically for you.  You will be staying overnight at the Oregon coast.  Food will be provided.  You will be received a 1:1 Rapid Transformational therapy session and a personalized recording you can listen to every day.  We will design a day that is best for you and can include a massage, a ceremony around what you release during your work with me, an art class, hiking.  We will personalize this experience just for you.  This VIP day is only available to one person per month so if you are ready to dig into what feeds your soul let's get your journey started.  Call me at 503-270-0940 to start designing your special getaway.

I also offer a limited number of private transformational sessions.  You will receive two one hour sessions per month.  We will tap into what is blocking you from achieving what you desire.  We will work together to find the tools that work best with you and your life.  We are designed to go back to what is familiar so trying to change too many things at  once often does not have lasting results.  We will uncover things to focus on one at a time .

Book a Discovery Call Today


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